MD&CI Concept Industry takes action as a structural engineering company, in the energy and industry sectors and, in particular, for Oil&Gas, chemical, pharmaceutical and nuclear industries.

MD&CI Concept Industry provides to its industrial clients its expertise in the following fields :


  • Industrial structures (buildings, pipe racks, storage, engineering structures);
  • Studies of infrastructures, roads and various networks;
  • Complex calculations (seismic, vibratory, explosion resistance, non-linear, etc.);
  • Costing of projects in the call during the tender phase;
  • Project management throughout the projects.

Projet Atlas - Chalampé

  • Preliminary design studies (Steel structures and Civil Engineering)

On-site assembly installation

Pas de tir Ariane 6 - KOUROU

Construction studies Mission

Hinkley point C power station EPR - UK

Establishment of a design office – Batch coordination

(Civil and mechanical engineering studies)

Onal Oil Production Center - Gabon

Infrastructure and steel structures studies

Anguille Oil Plateforme - Gabon

Steel structures studies

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